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Ways to Reduce Outdoor Maintenance without Hiring a Gardner

Ways to Reduce Outdoor Maintenance without Hiring a Gardner

Household maintenance can take a lot of time. There always seems to be something to do inside and outside. Here are some things you can do to reduce the time spent on outdoor maintenance:

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Install Gutter Guards

Once or twice a year, people clean out their gutters. If they don’t, they put their roof, their walls, their foundation at risk. Gutter guards let your gutters do the job of directing water away from your home without letting debris like leaves, twigs, etc., build up.

Gutter guards can often be installed on existing gutters. Or, if you’re thinking it’s time for new rain gutters, consider having gutter guards installed at that time to extend the life of the new gutters and make them maintenance-free from the start.


Composite Decks / Fences

Composite decking and fences look like wood, but don’t splinter and are maintenance free, unlike wood counterparts that need maintenance every few years.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows do not need to be repainted every few years. For that reason, you’ll want to choose the color carefully, but you’ll appreciate the fact that they won’t start to look rough around the framing after a few years. New windows will also have the advantage of saving you money on energy costs.


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Outdoor Turf and Other Maintenance Free Yards

Depending on how much lawn you have, you might want to consider today’s options for fake grass. Today’s options look better than ever, don’t need watering, weeding, or trimming, and offer a nice clean look.

Alternatively, you could eliminate some or all of the ‘grass’ and go with decorative pavers and / or decking to cover most of the property with maintenance-free surfaces.

If you’re interested in gutter guards or new windows, Best Choice Home Crafters can help.

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