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Vinyl vs. Wood Windows

Vinyl vs. Wood Windows


When building or remodeling your home, you’re faced with a lot of decisions regarding what type of materials you want to use. And when searching for custom windows in Atlanta, the two most popular and recommended choices that are going to come up are wood or vinyl windows. This guide will examine what exactly these two window types consist of and the pros and cons of each.



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Composition of Each Window Type

Vinyl windows are made of PVC (which is extruded polyvinyl chloride), a type of plastic. Wood windows consist usually of Douglas Fir or pine and have some kind of exterior coating consisting of extruded aluminum, PVC or fiberglass. Vinyl windows used to only come in white and were not seen as the most visually attractive option for a house, but have come a long way in making your home look sleek and modern and can be ordered in different colors. Wood windows are seen as more visually attractive on the whole and give a house an aura of elegance.


Pros of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have a lot of advantages that wooden windows do not. To start, vinyl windows do not need the typical maintenance that wood does, including painting and sealing. All they require is occasional cleaning and checks to make sure they are performing well. While they can’t be painted, you aren’t limited to just white as your only option – vinyl windows can be made in custom colors to match your house. They can even be finished with a wood-like look and are generally less expensive than wood windows.


Cons of Vinyl Windows
Vinyl windows have less customization options and cannot be painted the way wooden windows can. That means they’re just going to be whatever color you choose for the duration of their existence on your house. Colors other than white or tan can be ordered, but generally cost a lot more. Vinyl windows are also not as durable as wood windows on average, but can still last upwards of twenty years.


Pros of Wood Windows

Wood windows and vinyl windows both perform about the same when it comes to energy efficiency, though wood tends to perform a little better than vinyl because vinyl window frames are usually hollow. Wood windows are easily customizable and can be painted any way you want, or retain their natural wooden appearance. A home with wooden windows tends to have a better resale value than a home with vinyl windows, as it is a desirable feature, especially in upper-end real estate.


Cons of Wood Windows

As mentioned previously, wood windows require more maintenance then vinyl windows. On average, every three to four years you will need to re-paint and re-stain wood windows. They are more expensive, on average, than vinyl windows.



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No matter which you end up choosing, there are always a few things you need to take into consideration when making any decision about building materials for your home. Be sure to get bids and choose a reputable contractor who is fully insured. If you’d like to know more or to get a FREE no cost, no obligation, absolutely no pressure estimate, call us now at (404) 855-4000.



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