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Types of Gutter Guards to Consider

Types of Gutter Guards to Consider

The gutters on your home provide an extremely important function. If they are blocked or not working properly, then water damage may occur to the roof, foundation, walls and more. The good news is, there are several gutter protections you can use to ensure your gutters continue moving freely and that no issues arise. The most common option is to install gutter guards. Some of the different types of gutter guards that are available can be found here.

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Brush Gutter Guards

The brush gutter guards are unique. They are composed of bristles that look like large pipe cleaners that fit directly inside of the gutters. The bristles that are on these guards remain in an upright position, which results in the leaves and other debris remaining on top, while the water moves freely through the gutters. When it comes to gutter protections, this option is easy to install, but may not block smaller debris.


Foam Gutter Guards

This type of gutter guard is made out of foam pieces that fit into the gutters. When these are in place, debris can build up inside the gutter. One of the biggest benefit of this option is that these guards are quite affordable and you can install them without professional assistance. However, the downside is that it may be possible for trees and seedlings to sprout inside of these foam guards. This can cause serious damage if not addressed.

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Taking the time to learn about the various types of gutter protections that are available is the best way to ensure that your gutters don’t experience any type of issue or problem.

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