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Top Reasons Why Most Homeowners Put Gutter Guards On Their Homes

Top Reasons Why Most Homeowners Put Gutter Guards On Their Homes


Gutter guards are becoming a more popular option for homeowners that are tired of dealing with clogged gutters. Leaves, debris, branches, dirt and more can get inside of your gutters and cause them to become clogged. This means either paying someone to clean out your gutters or climbing a ladder and cleaning them out yourself. Gutter protection in Atlanta,Marietta, Alpharetta,Georgiaor surrounding areas should be an important part of every homeowners’ maintenance free plan.


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Advantages of Installing Gutter Guards

While gutter guards have become an essential and popular part of gutter protection, there are also some concerns. Before spending the additional money on gutter guards, you may want to find out whether they really live up to all the hype and whether you really need to invest in them. Any responsible homeowner that has a budget to maintaintheir home, needs to be sure to weigh both the advantages and disadvantages against the additional cost factor.

As a general guideline, use the following five reasons to determine whether gutter guards are necessary for your Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta,Georgia home:

1. Safety should always be the #1 priority when it comes to gutters protection. Gutters always need to be cleaned which is a hazardous task that leads to many accidents to the person doing the cleaning as well as possible damage to walls, roofs, fascia boards and even the gutters. Because there is risk not only of personal injury but also to the home, it makes good sense to install gutter guards in order to eliminate some of the risks that are involved in the maintenance of your home’s gutters.

2. Environmental issues are also a concern. These include things such as twigs, leaves and other types of debris that can clog the gutters and provide an excellent environment for molds, spores and other pests to breed and cause damage or allergic reactions. They could also cause your fascia and roof to become weak and rot.

3. When gutters are clogged, it can cause extensive water damage because of overflows. In fact, the weight of the water can even cause damage to the gutters, damage to the foundation and erosion to the land surrounding the property just to name a few.




4.Gutter protection in the form of gutter guards is both affordable and saves time in the gutter cleaning process. 

5. Gutter guards have the potential to improve the value of your home because expectations are they will eventually become standard on all homes. This means homeowners who fail to provide protection for their homesmay find it more difficult to sell their homes or may be forced to sell at a reduced price.


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While all this sounds great, it’s important to know whether gutter guards will do the job for your home. Certainly, there are some systems that justify the price and others that don’t. It is important for you as a homeowner to do your homework and check out the reviews of not only the gutter guard system yet also the company installing them.
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