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Remodeling Your Bathroom: Pros and Cons

Remodeling Your Bathroom: Pros and Cons


For a room that’s relatively small, a bathroom remodel can be either a huge gain or become a quagmire of frustration if homeowners don’t plan things out thoroughly. In this short article, we’ll look at some of the pros and cons of undertaking this type of renovation.

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 The Pros of Remodeling Your Bathroom

There are numerous advantages to remodeling your bathroom, and just as many reasons to do so. For example, some people simply want a new look for the bathroom. For others, it’s a more pressing necessity to deal with problems affecting the bathroom’s usability or even safety, such as plumbing issues or degraded flooring. In any case, remodeling offers an opportunity to not only refresh the room’s aesthetics but also take advantage of the newest materials that offer far greater efficiency and durability than older products. Just about everything in a bathroom can benefit from new technology that will lower your energy and water bills in the long run. You can learn more about these products at the EPA’s WaterSense site.

Remodeling a bathroom can also help seniors stay in their homes, where they want to be. A house needs to fit the changing physical needs of people as they age, and nowhere is this more true than in the bathroom. Changes like installing grab bars, a raised toilet, and walk-in tub can make all the difference.




Another good point about redoing a bathroom is that it adds value to your home, and it has one of the best return-on-investment figures among home renovations. In the Atlanta area, you can expect to recoup an average of 77% of the remodeling costs at resale.


Potential Cons of Remodeling Your Bathroom

Many of us probably know people whose bathrooms seem to be in a constant state of reconstruction. Their project began with good intentions, but at some point patience or money or ability ran out. Remodeling a bathroom can look deceptively easy, but there are lots of pitfalls, especially for the do-it-yourselfer.

There are definitely jobs within the bathroom that most handy homeowners can tackle themselves, be it caulking or swapping out a toilet, but a true remodel requires skill in a number of specialties, making it unlike other home projects. There’s plumbing, obviously, but also flooring, often carpentry and electrical work, and maybe even plaster or drywall installation. Additionally, bathrooms have some of the most meticulous building codes and these have to be carefully observed to avoid safety issues and inspection problems if you want to sell later on.

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To make the remodeling process easier, plan as much as possible. Look at bathrooms you like. Research ideas online. Make drawings. Make a budget. Take these and talk to a qualified builder. They can tell you the best way to make your vision a reality in a way that fits your needs.

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