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Gutter Guards: 5 Things Every Homeowner Must Know

Gutter Guards: 5 Things Every Homeowner Must Know

The right gutter guard can help keep seasonal debris to a manageable level. If you’re tired of having to go up there and clean out those gutters yourself or if you don’t want to have to keep paying someone else to clean your gutters and downspouts, here’s how to choose the best gutter protection for your home:
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Explore your options

There are plenty of gutter protection types out there. You’ve got ones made out of mesh, reverse curve ones, bottle brush types along with nylon and foam types. Read up on these options so you can thoroughly weigh the pros and cons that come with choosing each one.
Cover or screen?

There are 2 categories of gutter protection: covers and screens. Screens are typically made out of wire mesh. Nylon and foam are also common. These options are super easy to install. The drawback to using these, though, is that they don’t last. Covers, on the other hand, are often made out of aluminum or plastic. These cover your gutters so no debris can get through, says Household Tips. However, the downside is that they pretty much limit the water flow into your gutters. That could lead to overflow issues.

Choose zero maintenance

For most types of gutter protection, the point of installing one is to simply reduce the debris in your gutters and make cleaning tasks easier. However, there are options out there that could ensure you never need to clean your gutters again. The gutter glove from Best Choice Home Crafters is a solid solution to go for. If you want a gutter guard that’s maintenance-free, this is the handy roof addition you’ve been waiting for.
What’s your roof design?

Different roof styles and designs also mean that not all gutter protection items will be a good match with your roof. You’ll want to consult with contractors first to determine which guard protection types will work with your roof design. After all, the last thing you want to happen is to pay for gutter protection that’s going to turn out to be completely wrong for your roof.
Get reliable help

Improper installation could damage your roof or your gutter protection. Best to let experts handle this for you then. Look for reputable contractors in your area to ensure the installation goes off without any problems.

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