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Easy Gutter Repair Projects You Can Do Yourself

Easy Gutter Repair Projects You Can Do Yourself

Are you having issues with a leaky gutter? Maybe you’ve noticed one of your gutters is misaligned and want to fix it? These are two gutter repair projects that can be done on your own, provided you have the proper instructions. Of course, for those who aren’t so handy, there are other options. Skilled gutter technicians exist almost everywhere and will be happy to help with repairs.

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Removing Gutter Clogs

Unclogging a gutter is probably the simplest project to take on provided you’re okay getting a little dirty and don’t mind standing on a ladder. Taking the time to remove clogs in your gutters can help you avoid issues down the road which can be much more expensive to fix. First, you want to get your ladder, a pair of gloves, and a garden hose. You can start by removing any dry debris from the gutters. After that’s complete, use the hose to get out everything else. Another option is having gutter covers installed.

Gutter Realignment

Another simple repair is realigning your gutters. If you have determined the gutter is clean and has no clogs, but it isn’t draining where it should, it likely requires a realignment. To realign it, the first thing you will want to do is nail into the fascia board on the rear of the gutter at regular intervals. Next, you will want to remove the brackets that support the gutter. After that, tie a string from one end of the fascia to the other so it falls toward the downspout. Then just put the brackets up by using the tilt of the string.



Repair Leaks in PVC Gutters

In nearly all cases, the leaks in PVC gutters will be found at the joints where pieces connect to each other. These are usually held watertight with gaskets or seals. They can suffer from wear and tear or debris can move them apart and leaks form. To fix this problem, you want to remove the section of gutter from the seal by squeezing the sides of the gutter. Remove any dirt and debris and look for excess wear. If there is wear, a new seal can be installed. If not, you can simply refit the gaskets and guttering.

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Professional Gutter Repair

Best Choice Home Crafters is a great resource for those who prefer to leave the projects to the professionals. We offer services and products that can make your life easier and that don’t require you to get dirty playing in the gutters. To learn more about our services you can reach our office at 404-855-4000.

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