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Custom Windows and a Rapid Renovation

Custom Windows and a Rapid Renovation

We all know that the term used to describe the way a building looks from the street is “curb appeal” and that for any property to seem visually pleasing or valuable, it has to present a good face. There are only a few things you can do to improve the “face” of your home or property. They include painting the siding and trim, adding new custom windows and doors and improving the landscaping. Easily, it is the installation of new doors and windows that can give you the most bang for your buck and achieve much more than just adding a better face to the home.


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Just consider, custom windows can also:

  • Boost energy efficiency – When home buyers were surveyed, most said they were willing to pay more for a property if it could be ranked as energy efficient. Even saving as much as $1k per year in energy expenses translated to more than $10k more in home pricing. So, whether you are going to sell a property or just want it to be less costly to heat and cool, those new custom windows can provide you with that benefit.
  • Improve air and light quality – With new windows, the lighting inside of the home can be improved. For example, you might have old, hazy windows in which seals have broken and the glass is cloudy. You could have undersized windows that look too small outside and allow too little light to reach inside. Windows that are difficult to use might also remain closed often, reducing overall air quality. And in any of these instances, new and customized windows can provide a ready solution.
  • Change the style and esthetics – Did you realize that your classic 1970s ranch could be converted into a gorgeous Arts & Crafts styled home just by renovating and adding improved doors and custom windows? Think of almost any style and you could make it a reality with something as simple as upgraded windows. Almost any look is possible, and along with the better style and enhanced esthetics, you’d enjoy the other benefits, too.



There are more reasons to renovate starting with new doors and windows than there are to choose any other projects. They are a cost-effective way to improve your property and one of the easiest options, too. Work with professionals offering skilled installation and you are sure to have many years of service and beauty thanks to those new windows. At Best Choice Home Crafters, you’ll get top quality window installation from experienced professionals.


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