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Casement vs. Double-Hung Windows: The Winner Is…

Casement vs. Double-Hung Windows: The Winner Is…


It can be difficult to choose between casement and double-hung windows. While each type is good, it is for different reasons. Before making a decision about window replacement in Atlanta,it’s important to understand the difference between the two types of windows. Once you understand the differences between them, it will be easy to make the right decision.



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Defining Types of Replacement Windows

There are two primary types of replacement windows in Atlanta: double hung and casement. A double hung window is one that has is one that has both an upper and lower sash although in most cases the upper sash remains stationery while the lower sash slides up and down. The upper sash can usually be moved up and down if necessary though it is not a common function. This type of window tends to be manufactured with a traditional, classic style and works well with older houses that have a cottage design or newer houses that desire that look.

A casement window opens outward like a door. It includes a crank on the inside of the house that operates the casement window. These windows are more likely to focus on a contemporary style and work well with modern homes or those with a ranch styling.


Advantages of Double-Hung Windows

  • Lower failure rate than casement windows
  • Bottom and two sides fit snugly in the side tracks to prevent air seepage
  • Spring-loaded balance helps make lifting the window easy
  • Cheaper to acquire than casement windows



Disadvantages of Double-Hung Windows

  • A common problem is a condition where the lower sash refuses to stay up
  • The window can be difficult to reach if you need to stretch in order to reach it
  • The sashes are more difficult to clean on the outside than casement windows






Advantages of Casement Windows

  • Excellent in limiting air flow into the home
  • Easy to open and close–requires only a crank and operation of the lock


Disadvantages of Casement Windows

  • Time-consuming to open and close many windows at the same time
  • Normal window air conditioners do not work with casements–more expensive specialty units must be installed
  • Casement windows cost a minimum of 10 percent more than double-hung windows
  • Prone to mechanical failure with the crank being the first thing to fail
  • If they don’t stop working completely, they will loosen over time which allows more air to enter the home



There are advantages and disadvantages to both casement and double-hung windows. As a homeowner you want to learn about both types of replacement windows that are common in the Atlanta, Marietta,Alpharetta,Georgia area before making the decision that is right for your individual needs.


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While ease of use is likely to be a factor in the decision, for many homeowners the final determining factor may be the price and potential savings on your heatingand air-conditioning bill. If price is the factor, double-hung windows will suit your needs best. The best way to make that decision is to research, review the facts and then look at your individual situation.


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