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An Overview of Gutter Protection Products

An Overview of Gutter Protection Products

Nobody likes cleaning out their gutters, and if you live in a leafy area or have evergreens in your yard, clearing your gutters out can turn into a year-around chore. This is why gutter protection in Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta,Georgiaand surrounding areas is a must. There are a few options available for protecting your gutters from leaves, needles and other debris, and they fall into roughly three categories: screens/filters, blockers/fillers, and reverse curve gutters.
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Mesh Screens

Mesh screens fall into the screen/filter category. Made from aluminum or PVC, they let the water through but filter debris out, leaving it on top. The major advantages of going with a mesh screen are that they’re inexpensive and DIY-friendly. Unfortunately, they come with a major disadvantage. The holes are large enough to let in particles, which need to be removed by hand.
Micro-Mesh Screens

The main advantage of micro-mesh screens is that they have tiny holes that keep everything out, including the run-off particles that mesh screens can’t filter. The downside is that they are far more expensive than DIY mesh screens and must be purchased and installed through a pro dealer. They also block a lot of water from getting through.
Foam Gutter Inserts

These inserts basically block leaves and debris from getting into the gutter. On the plus side, foam gutter inserts are cheap and easy to buy. Unfortunately, you still need to clean your gutter out. It’s just easier since you just clean off the top.


Gutter Brush

Another blocking method is the gutter brush, which is basically the same idea as a foam insert. The bristles block out leaves and larger debris. Luckily, these brushes are inexpensive, but they suffer from the same disadvantage as the foam inserts since smaller debris has to be cleaned off.
Reverse Curve Surface Tension Gutter Systems

Although they are a more high-tech option, reverse curve gutters have been around since 1908. Rather than filtering out or blocking debris from a gutter, the idea here is a special gutter that uses surface tension to keep water flowing along the trough. Basically, this will keep the water flowing, but debris won’t follow the curve and instead fall to the ground. The big plus with curve gutters is aesthetic since they fit in seamlessly with your roof. Unfortunately, since they are sealed, it makes it extremely difficult to get into the gutter yourself if you need to. There is also some debate about the effectiveness of these gutters. Some claim that little water ends up flowing through the trough.
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More Information

For those who live in the leafy Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta,Georgiaand surrounding areas, gutter protection is an absolute must and a huge convenience. Not only does it save you time on an unpleasant and dangerous chore, but it also helps you avoid the safety hazard of having to climb up near the roof to clean out your gutters. If you’d like to know more or to get a FREE no cost, no obligation, absolutely no pressure Estimate call us now at (404) 855-4000

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